6th Africa Agri Expo 2023- Kenya

The Agricultural industry in Africa is witnessing unprecedented development. Nigeria is taking a leading role in emerging as a pivot for Africa`s Agriculture industry. Read more


Increasing food demand due to growing population along with ever decreasing arable lands poses one of the greatest challenges awaiting us. Read more

AMHE 2023 - Lagos, Nigeria

Africa Medical Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Expo 2023 (AMHE 2023) is the dedicated event focused solely on supporting and developing the medical and pharma industry across the Nigeria. Read more

EIMS 2022

EIMS-2022 will offer key insights into the market, in-depth analysis of resources & opportunities, overview of the mineral commodities available, permits & bids. Read more

LACAE 2021

Welcome to LAC Agri Expo AAE 2021 - the fifth edition of our Agriculture Event Series which includes – Africa Agri Expo 2020, AgroMach Africa 2020, AgroMach MENA 2021, Africa Agri Expo 2021. Read more

AgroMach MENA 2021

AgroMach MENA 2021 – is expected to be the largest virtual interactive framework and trade expo that will bring together key industry. Read more